Growing School Gardens is a Collaboration.

A collaboration between the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation and the  School Garden Support Organization Network, with the mission of bringing in-person and virtual learning and community building programs to the extensive network of school garden support organizations across the United States.

Founding Partners

Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation

Founded in 2015, the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation aims to inspire, educate, and empower individuals, especially children, to live healthier lives. With a focus on nutrition education and fresh food access, their nonprofit partners teach children both how to grow and prepare fresh foods, as well as why such foods are important to their bodies. Knowing that kids who learn these lessons from a young age are more likely to grow up eating healthier food as adults, the Foundation aims to reach children at every stage of development, providing hands-on learning and tasting of fresh fruits and vegetables as they grow.

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School Garden Support Organization Network

Created in 2012, the School Garden Support Organization (SGSO) Network is a made up of organizations and individuals that support school garden programs at a regional, school district, or state level. As a collective, the SGSO Network encourages the open sharing of resources, peer-to-peer learning and networking amongst school garden support professionals, with a goal of elevating, growing and sustaining garden-based education. The network’s membership consists of more than 4,000 garden educators nationwide.

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Our Partners

We are so very grateful to our partners. Here are just a few:

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Growing School Gardens National Summit
Friday, April 22 to Monday, April 25, 2022
Grand Hyatt Denver

A Gathering to Inform, Inspire and Invigorate the School Garden Movement

Grand Hyatt Denver ~ Denver, Colorado

Created by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in Collaboration with Life Lab, and the School Garden Support Organization Network

Pollinating a Thriving School Garden Community

Inspired by the words of Jane Wei-Skillern, we aim “to build constellations not stars” in the school garden movement. Through this national gathering, we will cross-pollinate each other’s work with peer-to-peer networking, best-practice sharing, and resources to grow and sustain the school garden movement.

Join Us for the Growing School Gardens Summit

Join 400 school garden leaders and educators from across the country at the inaugural Growing School Gardens Summit in Denver to elevate the national school garden movement so that we can create vibrant school gardens for ALL children in the United States. As the first-ever national summit entirely focused on school gardening, this gathering will unite garden and nutrition educators, and organizations interested in collective action to promote sustainable school gardens. Created by the Sprouts Healthy Communities Foundation in collaboration with Life Lab and support from the School Garden Support Organization Network, the summit will provide attendees with new knowledge, technical skills, and resources, along with a feeling of being welcomed, nurtured and inspired.

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Key Areas We Will Explore

  • Teaching in the Garden – Curriculum & Instruction Models
  • School Gardens for Student Wellness, Food & Nutrition Education
  • Impacts of Garden Education: Research, Assessment & Storytelling
  • Designing & Maintaining Effective Outdoor Classroom
  • Bringing a Lens of Justice, Access, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion to our Work
  • Resilient School Garden Program Models – Funding, Sustaining & Institutionalizing School Gardens
  • Training Garden Educators – Professional Development Models
  • Connecting to Communities Beyond the School Garden Gates
  • Collective Action to Advance the School Garden Movement
  • Organizational Effectiveness – Running Your SGSO